Exercise Challenge

 Well now that week one is complete, it is time to add some accountability to accomplish my goals. Scrolling through Pinterist, I found a simple upper extremity exercise to improve tone in the arms.  I need this for sure! Two times a week dedicated to strengthening my arms (which I use every day, and are getting… Continue reading Exercise Challenge

Love Your Kitchen, Love to Cook

Welcome to My Kitchen!Tidy it up: How likely I am to make a meal ultimately depends on how much extra work will have to be done before I can actually begin to cook.  Are the dishes clean?  Is there enough pans to cook what I need? Are there forks for everyone, or do I need to… Continue reading Love Your Kitchen, Love to Cook

5 Food Tips & Tricks

I have always been stumped about how food works for your body.  After taking nutrition class, several anatomy classes,  and being a fitness instructor,  and not getting it, I have been learning on my own and am finally starting to understand! This is what has been working for me: 1. Education Educating myself  has been… Continue reading 5 Food Tips & Tricks

Week One: The Ups & The Downs

First Things First: Let us be clear here, I have chosen to start making changes in my lifestyle to improve my health.  What is about to be seen here is far from perfection…but is progress.  I refuse to say I am on a “diet.”  I hate that word.  Diet is not what most people think… Continue reading Week One: The Ups & The Downs

Setting Goals: Failure Meets Success

Breaking Old Habits No-one ever said this eating better thing was going to be easy.  Breaking old habits can be a bit tricky.  I will say though, this week I have cut back on my delicious beer by A LOT. Each beer contains 110 calories for every 12oz bottle; so I am glad to say, although… Continue reading Setting Goals: Failure Meets Success

Day One: Eat Good, Feel Good

Good-morning! It is Saturday, and I am pleased to say that I have slept in…as much as I could with a new-born and two other children needing their “mama” in the mornin’! I am happy to announce that I made a fabulous breakfast this morning, not only for myself, but for the family as well.… Continue reading Day One: Eat Good, Feel Good