Routine…Sounds So Boring!

Having a routine is extremely helpful when trying to accomplish….well….LIFE!  Especially while being a mom having to take care of three children, a husband and a household.  So many things to consider:

  • When did the kids shower last?
  • What time is that meeting?
  • When is the Doctor appointment?
  • Is the diaper bag locked and loaded?
  • imagesHave they eaten Breakfast?  
  • Did we even eat lunch?  
  • I don’t even know what I am making for dinner!

Feeling like this is unsettling and throws off the center of gravity that should be centered.  But…so what!

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” —A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Although being organized and having the kids in a routine can make life quite a bit simpler; it’s okay there are those days when life throws a curve ball; and homework waits until 9pm, or laundry piles up so high it takes a week to catch up, or dinner is chicken nuggets and french fries…ya know why?  Because we are too busy enjoying life, watching our children participate in their sports, embracing the company of another overwhelmed mother, or taking care of our health, or being crafty in the garage because it drives the soul.

Then, after all of the “fun stuff” is out of the way, the chores and laundry and showers and dinners…they will still be there!  It is not going anywhere, so whether it gets done today, tomorrow, or the next day, who cares!  I’m not saying don’t do it, but don’t freight about it, keeping a routine all the time is waaaaaaay too boring.  Enjoy life, smile and be happy!

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!



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