The Diversity of Chicken

“Eat lean meat.” This seems to be the common consensuses between most health nuts or health fitness magazines.  Well, the only “lean” mean that comes to mind for me is chicken.  I like chicken, I do, but it can get boring and old and my husband is not a huge chicken fan.  He’d rather eat a 3/4lb, juicy, red meat burger!  With the being said, I have had to get creative in my chicken making.  Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way to keep chicken interesting, fun,and cost effective:cooked-chicken-clipart-cooked-chicken-clipart-black-and-white

My Secret to Chicken

Buy in Bulk

Our meat market around here sells 10lb bags of chicken, most of the time, for $1.99/lb if bought in bulk.  This is fantastic because this sale does not come around as often at the typical grocery store.

What do I do with all that Chicken?  melody-297358_960_720“All that chicken inside that trunk, inside that trunk….I’m gonna get you, get you pumped!” (Sorry, got a little carried away.)

Cook and/or Freeze

If I have time I try to cook all the chicken at once.  Usually I grill or bake it. Just season it up how I’d like, and use the breast for that nights dinner, cut the rest into strips for fajitas, or Chicken Alfredo.

Then I save the other 1/2 or however much to make a meal for 4, and freeze it.  This way I can pop it into the crock-pot and cook all day for some shredded chicken to make chicken burritos…which by the way, are fantastic!

Another chicken meal I make is chicken nuggets.  What kid does not like chicken nuggets?  If I plan to do chicken nuggets, I usually make this my first chicken meal because it takes a lot of time, and while I’m prepping for the nuggets I can be baking the rest of my chicken.  I have tried to meal prep nuggets, and bake them and store them in the fridge, but they just didn’t taste that wonderful.

The more creative I become the better I feel about cooking.  Get dirty, get crafty and get to cookin’ that chicken! 🙂

Check out some of these recipes I’ve pinned on pinterest! (p.s. the Chicken Caprese is sooo good!)

Be Good, Look Good, Feel Good!




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