Over and Over Again

weight-lifting-heartAhhh!  I realize it has been way too long since my last blog post.  No excuses…oh wait, there is one.. Laziness! Damnit!  I said it.

I was recently going through the photos on my phone and one inspiring quote I saved says this “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.”  I have made this my FB photo and have to read it every, single, day.  I am hoping that this will continue to embed itself in my brain and real changes will begin to occur…again.   I have been reading it for the last 3 days, and well, it has brought me here again.

Starting Fresh: New Attitude

My new attitude happens today.  I am not perfect, but I am not a quitter.  This is the track I need to be on, and I plan to stick to it weather I have a few set backs or not.


I know previously planning my meals helped to keep me on track.  Also, planning my meals helps to save money as well.  I will be making myself a kitchen meal planner so it is something fun to fill out and look at each day.

Setting Goals:

I know….goals are a must; my problem is I can’t seem to try hard enough to meet them.  So my goal is to meet my goals!  🙂  That is where I am going to begin, setting goals, here they are, please help with any encouragement or ideas to keep me motivated!

Week One Goals:

  1. Hit up an exercise class once a week (or the gym for cardio and weights) (this is in addition to my own classes that I teach on Thursdays)
  2. Limit Beer intake to 5/week (one a day) (Starting today!)
  3. Actually make all my planned meals for the week
  4. Make my kitchen meal tracker and hang on the wall by Sunday evening (8/21/16)

Wish me luck! Good-luck to you as well!

Be Good, Look Good, Feel Good!




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