The Struggle is Real

Starting into week four of my fitness journey,  I have started falling off the wagon.  The last two days have been difficult for me, in the fact that I’ve let myself become “loose” on my eating habits.

Remember my weakness?  Beer!  I did great for 3 weeks and this past weekday enjoying only one…however,  the longer those long necked lovers sit In my refrigerator the more my mouth waters!  So,  I drank the rest of them the following day.  Oops! (We are talking a six pack, not a case, haha).
There you have it,  6 beers in 2 days.  I am making myself disgusted just thinking about it.

Not only did I indulge in having some beers,  but I allowed myself to over eat at our work potluck.  Let’s be honest,  no one brings fruits and veggies to a work party…unless they are on a delicious crust with cream cheese frosting, (yup, fruit pizza).

I shared my failure with a friend, and she reminded me, “you’ve gone a few weeks doing well, this has only been a day!”Her cheerful attitude and inspiring intentions made me smile, and remember,  this is a journey.  I will have my ups and downs,  not to dwell on my mistakes,  but to rejoice in my successes!
Bringing myself here, to take responsibility of my forever changing life.

“Only I can change my future.  Only I can change myself.”


2 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real

  1. Yup, your friend is right! Thats great you have a good friend to cheer you on and help build you up when you feel like you’ve failed. You got this! A few beers one weekend won’t totally set you back 🙂

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