Be Good, Feel Good: Changes Within

Since I have decided to take control of my life from the inside out, I cannot begin to explain how much better I feel.  From food choices to exercise, to managing my schedule and routines, it’s just amazing.  Here are a few examples of how making the choice to change, and implementing one step at a time has, so far, changed my life.


Again, if you recall my definition of what diet means to me, it is simply what one puts into his/or her body, food/drink.

Since I’ve changed my eating habits, cutting out processed foods, and fast food, limiting my alcohol consumption, my energy levels have risen beyond belief.  I no longer am starving each meal because I tactfully plan my meals to keep me full and satisfied.  I have also implemented a daily vitamin and Fish oil (as I do not eat a lot of seafood), which has seemed to boost my energy as well.

I am able to get up on time in the morning, do a short exercise routine, weather it be abdominal crunches in bed, 3-5 minutes on the elliptical, some arm circles or wall push-ups, even some stretching, that provides me with enough energy and a positive outlook on the day.

I look forward to getting out of bed and tasting that first bite of breakfast.  Food has always made me happy; now I am excited to be choosing healthier meals that I know are providing me with the vitamins and minerals my body needs to have an excellent day.

No more feeling bloated and so full I cannot bring myself to get off the couch.


Starting this blog has really made me focus on what it is I want for myself.  I new mind, body and soul that is fired up for each waking moment.

I am pumped after making a meal, or a special treat, that is so delicious and so good for me, that I just can’t help but take a picture!

Also, to keep myself motivated, and as a reminder each and every day, I made a collage of the things that are most important to me.  Every morning I see it, and it is a reminder to myself of what my goals and aspirations are in life.


I have become more aware of the activities I am doing, while I am doing them.  When the babes needs me and I cannot put her down, I instantly think “I could get in some exercise right now.”  I will hold her above me, lower her to kiss her and repeat, just to get a chest and tricep workout.  I lean over her, get in a few push-ups, or even crunch up to smooch her precious little forehead.

Every time I am hungry, I think about what I grab out of the refrigerator before inserting it into my mouth.  If I am going to be out of the house, and know I will be hungry after a few hours, I try to pack a snack that will tide me over until I get home.  Not only do I save money this way, but I don’t make a poor choice that I will regret later.

Embracing Imperfections:

I know I am not perfect in all the choices I make, weather it be food, or not getting in that work-out I wanted to.  I will not claim to be, and that is the real reason for this blog…it takes work to get where we want to be, even the most fit, well liked, insanely beautiful people make mistakes, and poor choices.

It is okay to fail.  If we don’t fail we are not trying to be better. (AMEN).

May the force of will-power be with you.

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!



2 thoughts on “Be Good, Feel Good: Changes Within

    1. Awe thanks! The board is awesome, honestly ever since I made it, I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, realizing these are the things I want in life, and as long as I keep them priority life is good! Even if I fall off the tracks a bit, I see this every morning and remind myself that it’s a new day!

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