Love Your Kitchen, Love to Cook

Welcome to My Kitchen!Tidy it up:

How likely I am to make a meal ultimately depends on how much extra work will have to be done before I can actually begin to cook.  Are the dishes clean?  Is there enough pans to cook what I need? Are there forks for everyone, or do I need to wash some?  Is there enough room in my kitchen to start a meal without feeling overwhelmed by clutter?

These are all questions that flow through my mind each time I am ready to begin breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I know myself, and if I do not keep a clean kitchen, I am more likely to not want to make anything, and just go grab dinner (or send the husband out for dinner), or grab a bag of chips for lunch vs taking the time to just clean it up.

This all depends on my mood.  If I am not in the mood to cook, and I have to do a horrendous amount of work just to start cooking…let me tell ya, it ain’t happenin’!

Practicing holding myself accountable, I have been making a greater effort to do my dishes every single day or night, sometimes 2x/day. Having a clean organized area to prep food and having space to make a meal really, really makes a difference for me.

When making better choices and eating well, the energy I have is so spiked, it’s easier to maintain a cleanly kitchen.  (Stay tuned for a new blog post regarding changes I’m feeling from making healthier food choices).  A dirty kitchen is a poor excuse to make bad choices in regards to health, not only for myself, but the family suffers as well.

The Secret To a Clean Kitchen:

  • sweep floor before beginning to cook (everyday) I sometimes even sweep before making breakfast
  • make sure trash is taken out, if full, and put in new bag
  • put dirty dishes in the dishwasher as soon as they become “dirty dishes”
  • hand wash plates if dishwasher is running
  • while cooking, fill sink with hot soapy water to put utensils, pots&pans, and wash as you go
  • put condiments back while food is preparing
  • swipe clean a dirty knife, it probably isn’t that dirty, and put it away

These are just a few tips I have learned along the way, that really do make a difference as long as they are done each day and time I am in the kitchen.

The kitchen should be our friend, not an enemy.  It’s where our “food babies” are made!

Happy cleaning!

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good.



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