Week One: The Ups & The Downs


First Things First:

Let us be clear here, I have chosen to start making changes in my lifestyle to improve my health.  What is about to be seen here is far from perfection…but is progress.  I refuse to say I am on a “diet.”  I hate that word.  Diet is not what most people think it is; decreasing food intake, counting calories, etc., etc.,  To me, diet is simply what one eats & or drinks, or lack there-of.  What’s that saying?  Oh…”GOOGLE IT!”

Time to bite the fork and dish the scoop on the past week.

The Diet:


Eggs for breakfast on top of avocado spread toast. Delicious.  What?  How many calories you ask?  Who cares!  All I know, is I had my protein, whole wheat bread, and fresh avocado.  No packaged junk, so it must be better than nothing, right?!


Left-overs from last nights dinner.  Stuffed peppers!  Here I got creative!  Using an orange pepper, I stuffed it with quinoa, that I seasoned myself, black beans and chopped yellow peppers.  So good!



Home-made chicken tenders-seasoned and baked, 1/2 a sweet potato (cuz those freakers are HUGE), and a salad.

Now here’s the catch…


A milk shake! (no it was not low fat or any of that fancy jazz), but it was a reward for all my hard work during the day! (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Seriously though, to change 30 years of poor eating habits, small changes are necessary.  I’ve already figured out that I cannot change everything all at one time.  So what I’ve done is plan my biggest meals of the day to be full of vitamins and nutrients, cut out the packaged food and stop going out to eat.

I won’t go into what I ate the rest of the week, but just know this is how most days were. Lean meat, beans, healthier grains, fruits and vegetables.  Oh, and there were a few wrappers unraveling as I stole some Easter candy from the kiddos, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

I have not had a beer in 5 days, and I pride myself in that change.  To me, there is nothing like an ice cold beer while cooking dinner, (especially when it gets warm and the grill is fired up).  All the more reason to start breaking the habit now while winter continues to linger.  Turns out the lack of sunshine and everlasting cold is a benefit to my health!

Check out Week One: Exercise.

Bring on week TWO!

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!



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