5 Food Tips & Tricks


I have always been stumped about how food works for your body.  After taking nutrition class, several anatomy classes,  and being a fitness instructor,  and not getting it, I have been learning on my own and am finally starting to understand!

This is what has been working for me:

1. Education

Educating myself  has been the key to my most recent success in the kitchen.  I have taken nutrition class in college,  and yet did not completely understand the concepts about protein, carbs, fats, etc.

Reading blogs and FB posts from some of my fit friends and Beach Body coaches,  I am actually learning on my own now.

What I have discovered is there is a moderate, variety of foods that are healthy and can be put together in curious ways for optimum taste and benefit to the body!  No counting calories!

2. Small changes in the kitchen

Making smaller changes to the grocery list and slowly replacing items in the kitchen will aid in a complete healthy living style; and won’t burden the budget all at once!

Some replacements I have gathered along this journey:

  • Sea salt vs Table salt
  • Avocados vs Mayo
  • Plain Greek Yogurt vs Sour cream
  • Almond Milk vs Cows milk, or even just FF milk vs 2% milk (since almond milk can be costly)
  • EV Olive Oil vs Canola or other
  • Sweet Potatoes Fries vs French Fries
  • Anything Fresh vs Packaged

…you get the point…  I hope!

3. Not feeling Guilty

I have learned it is OKAY to make an occasional un-healthy choice. Lets face it, as women, there’s a time of month where all we can do is cry and eat.  If chocolate is going to settle me down, and save the family from psycho-mom mode, I’m going to have some dammit!

Another indulgence, which if you’ve read my other posts, is beer.  I love it!  I like the taste, and the social aspect of drinking beer.  The problem occurs when it starts going down too easily and becomes more than one, just adding empty calories and turning into the wrong kind-of 6-pack!

4. Practice Makes Better

I didn’t just fire up the stove one day and become a decent cook.  In fact, if you ask my husband, I really wasn’t too good.  Trying to be creative and “change it up” was not my forte.  Then I started to…EDUCATE myself, and PRACTICE.  Looking up recipes online and planning meals is where I really began to flourish and improve my cooking abilities.  Learning what tastes good together, what seasonings mesh well with each other and taking one recipe and making it into my own.  This trial and error eventually gets easier.

5. Planning & Prepping

This is probably most key to a healthier life style.  One reason it is easy to indulge in those not-so-healthy options, is convenience.

“Being crude and hangry is not a good combo.”

Knowing what the next meal brings is crucial to success.  Finding a system that fits can only benefit in meeting your goals.  Prepping saved my butt (maybe quite literally) the other morning when I didn’t know what to make for breakfast. I then opened the refrigerator and noticed I had cut up cucumbers for my toast the night before.  Instantly a smile appeared on my face and I felt proud for taking the time to help myself by preparing. Popping in a piece of toast, I told myself how awesome I was, and spread some avocado on adding the cukes for crunch. Delicious!

Hope this helps! Feel free to add more Food Tips & Tricks by commenting below!

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!





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