Day One: Eat Good, Feel Good


It is Saturday, and I am pleased to say that I have slept in…as much as I could with a new-born and two other children needing their “mama” in the mornin’!

I am happy to announce that I made a fabulous breakfast this morning, not only for myself, but for the family as well.  Nothing too crazy either!  Before I start just listing off the food I made, and have planned to eat, I should back track a little and show how I came to even get some of the ideas I plan to incorporate into my daily routine.

Scrolling through Pinterest, as I do often, I came across a post that states “15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals-…”  I thought, “wow, I need a ritual.”  I clicked on it, and found some very interesting techniques to help kick-start my morning.

A few things I’ve begun to incorporate:

Drinking a glass of water.  Although I do not heat it up, I still drink the water.  It wakes me up, takes away that early morning hunger long enough for me to get myself together before going to make break-fast.

Yoga in Bed.  I would do this on occasion anyway as I am getting older, and the muscles and joints in my body are not as “elastic” as they use to be.  Just plain stretching before getting out of bed increases blood flow, relaxes my brains, and gives me time to prepare for the day.

Go Nuts for Breakfast. I do not eat nuts for breakfast, although I have.  But I do actually “go nuts for breakfast.”  I try to fill my morning yumminess with protein and flavor so I do not go hungry for the next few hours, and have a sense of satisfaction and not bloating.  A great breakfast leads to a great rest of the day.

A Large Cup Of Coffee. This one has never been an issue for me, I LOVE COFFEE.  (Kind-0f like Opra “Love’s Bread.”)  I just have to learn to keep it to ONE large cup, not 2 or 3.

The next ritual I would like to concentrate on is not turning on that screen right away.  So much of my day already consists of staring at a computer screen, and scrolling through emails. I want to use the time I would spend staring at the screen, and replace it doing some exercise.  For me, motivating myself to do “extra” exercise is daunting.  I figure, if I just do a few things like seen here I am off to a good start!

I should probably state that I am currently a certified POUND Pro, and I absolutely love it! This is what has brought me to starting this blog about my experiences.  My problem is I feel as though I should be setting a better example. I am a bit over-weight and “un-toned” un-like most fitness instructors.

I drink too much beer, and smoke the occasional cigarette.

I am not proud of some of the things I do, there-fore I keep it “in the closet.”  So now I want to put it all out there, show that just because you see “greatness” on the outside does not always mean that is what it’s like on the inside.

That being said, I would like to take this opportunity to be myself and to set an example to those that are struggling to stay fit, just as myself.

So, I should probably post what I made for breakfast huh?  Okay….ready………EGGS&Toast!  Didn’t see that coming right?!  I stumbled upon a blog that had a simple avocado, toast and radishes for breakfast!  I know I’ve seen eggs on toast before too, so I kept the avocado and toast, and added 2 eggs!  So delicious; avocado is so much healthier than butter, and I am getting my carb fix, as well as my protein. I feel full, my husband ate well, and the girls enjoyed their scrambled eggs also.

Be Good, Feel Good, Look Good!




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