Routine…Sounds So Boring!

Having a routine is extremely helpful when trying to accomplish….well….LIFE!  Especially while being a mom having to take care of three children, a husband and a household.  So many things to consider: When did the kids shower last? What time is that meeting? When is the Doctor appointment? Is the diaper bag locked and loaded?… Continue reading Routine…Sounds So Boring!

The Diversity of Chicken

“Eat lean meat.” This seems to be the common consensuses between most health nuts or health fitness magazines.  Well, the only “lean” mean that comes to mind for me is chicken.  I like chicken, I do, but it can get boring and old and my husband is not a huge chicken fan.  He’d rather eat… Continue reading The Diversity of Chicken

Over and Over Again

Ahhh!  I realize it has been way too long since my last blog post.  No excuses…oh wait, there is one.. Laziness! Damnit!  I said it. I was recently going through the photos on my phone and one inspiring quote I saved says this “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.”… Continue reading Over and Over Again

The Struggle is Real

Starting into week four of my fitness journey,  I have started falling off the wagon.  The last two days have been difficult for me, in the fact that I’ve let myself become “loose” on my eating habits. Remember my weakness?  Beer!  I did great for 3 weeks and this past weekday enjoying only one…however,  the… Continue reading The Struggle is Real

Be Good, Feel Good: Changes Within

Since I have decided to take control of my life from the inside out, I cannot begin to explain how much better I feel.  From food choices to exercise, to managing my schedule and routines, it’s just amazing.  Here are a few examples of how making the choice to change, and implementing one step at… Continue reading Be Good, Feel Good: Changes Within

Energy In a Ball: No-Bake Cookies With a Healthy Twist

Once again, guilty, of scrolling through the well known Red P…Pinterest!  Wanting to have something to snack on, satisfy hunger, and not be terrible for me, I stumbled across these amazing little balls of energy and cannot wait to make more! There are several different ingredients that can be added here for individual liking, which… Continue reading Energy In a Ball: No-Bake Cookies With a Healthy Twist